Craft the World Wiki

The quick fix for the issue with cursor bug on some AMD drivers: Please press ‘F9’ to switch between hardware/software cursor and see if it resolves the issue.

New features:

  • added generation of secret rooms in the world (requires restart of the world).
  • added hotkeys (E: equipment, I: Inventory, C: Craft Tree, T: Tasks, 1-8 for the fast panel)
  • small tweaks in appearance of the inventory dialog
  • added death animations of Zombie Troll and Goblin Shaman
  • changed the recipe of warehouse(extra stockpile): wooden chest to workbench
  • disabled cheat mode (We were surprised how fast you found it! )


  • Fixed crash after showing the craft tree (just after completing some tasks)
  • Fixed crash: removing of railroad block under a moving minecar
  • Fixed animation of dwarf in a mine car
  • Fixed: dwarves could work on removed kitchens, workbenches and etc.
  • Fixed: no more experience points for self placed things (scaffoldings, beware signs)
  • Fixed rare crash connected with Skeleton’s logic
  • Fixed “empty task” bug