Craft the World Wiki

New Hot Keys:

SPACE - select next dwarf

ESCAPE - cancel selection of the dwarf / exit direct control

When a dwarf is selected:

F - go eat (Food)

R - go sleep (Rest)

E - equip

O - direct control


  • Added timer above the portals
  • Improved AI: Dwarves recalculate path when a new portal is opened nearby
  • Random recipes drops from digging in Sandbox mode (* added new items)
  • The shop is open
  • Added new sounds
  • The volume of sounds are changing more smoothly
  • Added separate volume sliders for ambient sounds and music
  • Removed the leaves drops from plants destroyed by monsters (So there is no leaves to lure dwarves to the edge of the world)
  • Technology tree now fits in screens with lower resolutions
  • Increased amount of animals and improved balance of spawned animals
  • Increased the radius of mouse selection of dwarves and enemies
  • Monster waves are becoming more dangerous during the time


  • Fixed: advanced pickaxes now dig faster
  • Fixed bug: item cursor sometimes disappears
  • Fixed : “Where is my bed” flickering in some situations (low health*no free bed*scared)
  • Fixed: Dwarves stuck outside of the screen
  • Fixed crash at loading screen when the savegame was erased, but info file was left
  • Fixed WASD scroll bug
  • Fixed calculation of comfort
  • Fixed: Coal Recipe is now available in Tech Tree and Campaign mode
  • Fixed bug: materials needed for recipes will duplicate if the job is canceled
  • Fixed bug: items disappear from the craft table after dragging
  • Fixed minor bug with displayed number of awarded items at Level Up dialog
  • Fixed: traps are not activated on Imps
  • Imp drops carried resource when dies
  • Resources do not disappear when buried in sand
  • Fixed few minor bugs

Recipe Changes:

  • Added “Smithy” requirements for some items
  • More food portions for recipes with coal
  • More mana Elixirs
  • Rails require less iron
  • Stained glass and paintings items require less resources