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New creatures: Frostlings, Yeti, Yeti Boss, Snow Turtle, Blue Bird[1] (without sounds yet)


  • Fixed an issue with dwarves in water outside the screen
  • Improved dwarves AI: if dwarves could not reach location , they will try to move as closer as possible to the target and stop just near an obstacle
  • Fixed bug with clouds
  • Fixed bug: dragons stop attacking dwarves
  • Fixed bug: roof block became earth in some configurations
  • Fixed several minor bugs with: portal timers, the tasks counters in diary, “Under Attack” message, zero award when Level Up, pathfinding…
  1. The actual creature implemented in this version was the Ice Bird, which is also blue. The real Blue Bird, which is the bird of the desert had only came to existance 6 versions later (0.9.016), when the Desert World was then created.