Craft the World Wiki

New content and changes:

  • Christmas gifts.
  • Added additional art for bookshelf.
  • Hotkey Z - temporarily turn on full level of detail on a large scale.
  • Yeti go away from stockpile at day time.
  • Ice block gives more water (full block of water instead of 1/5).
  • Now blocks under the stockpile are not removable.
  • Now you can rebuild blocks under the stockpile (if you have removed them in previous game).
  • Now right click will clear selection at the hotbar.
  • Big yeti kicks other yeti out of holes.
  • Dwarf stay selected after exit of direct control.
  • More active quests at the same time.
  • Improved dwarfs AI in hunting (specially for hunting fast moving animals).
  • The live of imps restricted by 5 minutes.