Craft the World Wiki
  • Added ability to disassemble items (place item in the slot near the Craft button and press the button)
  • Added siege mode switch (turn it on to forbid the dwarves to leave the shelter)
  • Added some new dwarves and yetis animations
  • Increased effect of several monsters crashing the same door/wall simultaneously
  • Added additional items art
  • Cages now hold only one creature at a time
  • Increased durability of deep ground layers
  • Dwarves portals close faster during intense use
  • Now you can prolong the portal duration by casting portal spell at the same place several times
  • Increased number of dwarves attacking enemy camps
  • Falling items like tables, chairs etc don't set automatically and become blocks
  • Fixed AI freezes of dwarf mages
  • Fixed dwarves AI regarding attack of the monster through the wall
  • Fixed bridge pathfinding
  • Fixed frostings AI (didn't inflict damage to Tesla towers)
  • Fixed bug with multiple drops from chests
  • Fixed bug with dwarves animation near the portal
  • Fixed bug with changing items in workbenches and smithies after reopening the game
  • Fixed bug with mana counter
  • Fixed bug with underground worm exiting into the ocean
  • Fixed some crushes
  • Fixed several minor bugs