Craft the World Wiki
  • Added new skeletons – a skeleton with shield (5x reduced damage from Tesla towers, 3x – from archers, 2x – from fireballs), skeleton builder (can build bridges across the big abysses).
  • Improved dwarf AI – each dwarf reserves several blocks so there is no need for another dwarves to go for the resources in vain.
  • Demolishing of goblins ladders by dwarves causes wood drops instead of self-destruction cases.
  • Added new more powerful magic stuff.
  • Increasing game speed doesn’t take effect at the game interface and rain (snow) animation.
  • Increased durability of lower levels so player needs improved tools to dig them.
  • Changed pic of the alchemy lab.
  • Increased number of rails crafted at a time, increased speed of trolleys.
  • Fixed bug with goblins getting stuck in ponds.
  • Fixed bug with tornado blowing the dwarves far away. Reduced tornado frequency.
  • Rain spell doesn’t call tornadoes now.
  • Fixed view of goblin’s camp durability level.
  • Fixed bug with larvae attacking through blocks.
  • Fixed fireball freezing after exiting the game.
  • Fixed bug with tech tree while opening new planet – new specific recipes wasn’t added into the tree.
  • Old recipe tree is switched off in custom game mode.
  • Fixed bug with weapon view and dwarves animation during combat.
  • Fixed bug with dwarves wall climbing and jumping from empty block.
  • Fixed bug with progress calculation for the items crafted at workbenches, smithies etc.
  • Fixed bug with items duplications in fast slots.
  • Small fixes at dialogs texts and items descriptions.
  • Other minor fixes.