Craft the World Wiki
  • Improved skeletons AI.
  • Modified block replacement to prevent falling of Tesla towers and other constructions.
  • Added golden and mithril boots, added new initial clothing for desert planets.
  • Added new tools – steel pickaxe and axe, wooden wizard’s staff, heavy bow, redrawn pictures of silver tools.
  • Added sounds for new beasts and monsters.
  • Balanced durability of lower ground levels, depth of minerals and pickaxes characteristics.
  • Reduced frequency of warning message about drowning.
  • Changed recipes for silver pickaxe, long bow, workshop, wizard's staff, mithril pickaxe and axe.
  • Changed workbenches requirements for crafting mithril pickaxe, axe, wizard's staff, hammer and helmet, silver armor, iron club, pickaxe and axe.
  • Fixed bug with recipes disappearing in sandbox game mode.
  • Fixed bug with different items numbers on the craft button and in the craft dialog.
  • Fixed opening of pages in the craft dialog while clicking on the resource in unknown recipe.
  • Fixed visibility of items during dragging in the 2nd and 3rd pages of the equipment dialog.