Craft the World Wiki
  • Increased durability of shelter borders (marked with stars) against the monsters attacks.
  • Wooden spikes don’t slow down monsters like fences now. They block monsters movement and inflict some damage.
  • Dwarves-mages can use lightning spell unlimited times between fireball spells.
  • Added new items which increase skills efficiency. You should place these items into special equipment slot.
  • Dwarves now improve their skills by doing particular job.
  • Added 2 backpacks which increase dwarves capacity by 1 and 2 pieces.
  • Portal spell exit now always opens near the main stockpile.
  • You gains significant XP if destroys all monsters in the wave.
  • XP bonus for killing a monster now depends on its health.
  • Improved algorithm of calculating shelter borders considering doors inside the shelter.
  • Changed number of log bridges crafting at a time.
  • Fixed elevator tunnels intersections.
  • Fixed frostlings attack errors.
  • Improved archers AI to prevent attack of underground ghost. If archer misses several times then attack task cancels for him.
  • Fixed bug with XP while changing back wall blocks.
  • Fixed bug with tornado destroying brick walls.
  • Fixed bug with crystals growing over constructions.
  • Fixed bug with giant worm which can destroy blocks under additional stockpiles.
  • Fixed some crash issues.