Craft the World Wiki
  • Redrawn pictures and animation of main and additional stockpiles.
  • Redrawn picture and animation of workbench.
  • The type of ground blocks at secret rooms now depends on depth.
  • Redrawn pics of back wall underground blocks.
  • Improved dwarves pathfinding through the floating portals.
  • Player doesn’t receive plain green shirts as a reward for quests.
  • Decreased creature damage from magical explosion spell.
  • Increased durability, distance and inflicted damage for archer towers.
  • Increased damage from Tesla towers.
  • Dwarves can collect items from shop immediately after buying.
  • It’s unable now to kill keepers with sand blocks. They also drop valuable resources after death.
  • Item names now shown for inactive technologies in the tech tree.
  • Fixed bug with stocks quantity displaying.
  • Fixed bug with dwarves self-dying with generating a lot of items.
  • Fixed bug with frostlings climbing.
  • Fixed bug with archers walking animation.
  • Fixed bug with trees growing at the places of cut-down trees. Trees didn’t grow until game restart.
  • Fixed crash while placing block in direct control mode.
  • Fixed displaying of elevator platform for some cases.
  • Fixed bug with tile roof transformation into ground block.
  • Fixed bug with multiple placing of scaffold at the same place.