Craft the World Wiki
  • Added giant pyramids above ground at desert levels. They consist of extremely hard blocks and have tunnels with many traps. They have many valuable items and coins inside guarded by monsters horde. Don’t try to rob them until you get strong team. You should remember that pyramids block your magic force. You need to restart desert level to generate pyramids.
  • Balanced the frequency of trees appearing. Now new trees may grow even there is a block above. Trees appearing are blocked on bones bridges and behind the constructions.
  • Improved monsters AI so they can destroy blocks of roof to penetrate into the shelter.
  • While making items at workbenches the items sequence is mixes up to make different items. For example if you gave tasks to make arrows and planks, dwarves make them mixed up with each other.
  • By pressing the Ctrl key you can call additional panel with fast slots.
  • Redrawn blocks of ocean coasts.
  • Now you don’t find coins, books and recipes while destroying your own placed blocks.
  • Limited distance of lightnings from magic staff. Blocked arrows type selection for mages.
  • Dwarves won’t sleep at the flooded beds now. Increased influence of the bed's type on health recovering rate.
  • Item names are displaying now for slots at the equipment dialog.
  • Increased effect of several monsters attacking the same door.
  • Blocks under stone portal were made indestructible.
  • Decreased frequency of grabbing blocks by tornado by 5 times.
  • Increased mana recovering rate to one per 3 minutes.
  • Fixed interface elements disappearing.
  • Fixed jamming of elevators cabins.
  • Fixed bug with trolleys jumping between lines after breaking the railroad.
  • Fixed bones bridges displaying. Now skeletons can’t replace other block by their bridges.
  • Fixed jamming of larvas at the blocks edges.
  • Fixed bug with different water levels inside the pool with thin walls.
  • Fixed bug with big mummy cutting bushes.
  • Fixed bug with construction placing blocked by portal spell.
  • Fixed bug with invisible dwarves helmets.
  • Fixed bug with placing ladder on top of the trees and columns.
  • Fixed some crush cases.
  • Fixed several minor bugs.