Craft the World Wiki
  • Improved dwarves AI: underwater digging, pathfinding, gaining skills.
  • New comfort formula includes perimeter walls, interior items, housing space for 1 dwarf, illumination, web and bushes inside the shelter.
  • New pics and animations of some plants, resources, constructions and workbenches.
  • New magical statues giving bonus to some skills.
  • Torches and other similar constructions can be placed on the 3rd back wall.
  • Hot keys CTRL*R(est) sends all dwarves with health under 70% to sleep, CTRL*E(at) sends all starving dwarves to eat.
  • When imps spell run out, imps carry last items to the stockpile and disappear only after that.
  • Reordered quests except the tech tree quests (required level restart).
  • Damage of dwarf reduced when he stays behind the loophole.
  • Fixed inflicted damage of 3rd level Tesla Tower.
  • Fixed attack mark disappearing when clicking on monsters.
  • Water blocks won’t disappear now deep under water.
  • Resources are not spent now In sandbox mode when crafting known spell.
  • Fixed calculation of shelter borders when removing totem.
  • Fixed empty dwarves names when switching languages.
  • Limited skill level up to 100% (without skill items).
  • Fixed torches burning under water.
  • Fixed displaying of animated items when scrolling and scaling.
  • Spikes can be placed only atop the level block.
  • Added archers animation (aiming up and down).
  • Fixed simultaneously using of the same bed by dwarves.
  • Blocked portal spell prolongation near main stockpile.
  • Changed recipe of portable miner’s lamp.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Minor bugs and interface fixes and changes.