Craft the World Wiki
  • Added all existed monsters to bestiary tab in the diary. Description of a new creature appears after first meeting with it.
  • Now player see brief tutorial if one start campaign in the 1 world. Tutorial can be skipped any time you want.
  • Added several decorative wall covering. You can switch them without replacement just like for walls.
  • New pics of bas-reliefs and stained-glass windows. You can switch their type without replacement also.
  • New pics of several items and resources.
  • New traps (you should replace old ones). Now you may place them at the same place together with other plants or constructions.
  • Improved pathfinding and game performance.
  • Lower elevator platform moved on one block higher. Now it doesn’t require groove for placement.
  • Durability of front block wall increases on 50% from durability of the back wall block.
  • Now you can place block carried by dwarf in direct control mode even you haven’t such blocks in the stock.
  • Now supported dlc*.pak archives.
  • Fixed view of grass above the stone blocks which appears during mining if there is a ground block behind the stone block.
  • Fixed dwarf animation on the lower part of the ladder.
  • Few changes at the tech tree.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.