Craft the World Wiki
  • Added achievements.
  • Improved pathfinding e.g. dwarves don’t jump from the high blocks, don’t get through the diagonal blocks, don’t get stuck at the air while falling.
  • Added birds flying through the level at the background.
  • Added several tutorial messages. Fixed tutorial while switching between the several saved campaigns.
  • Added descriptions for several items.
  • Allowed configuration changes for several furniture.
  • Traps were made reusable several times: 3 for wooden traps and 6 for iron traps.
  • Game speed indicator now located at the daytime panel. You can switch game pace by clicking at the center of this panel.
  • Fixed bug when dwarf continue fishing while monster attack him. Fixed other small bugs during fishing.
  • Fixed problems with elevators.
  • Fixed problems with tornadoes.
  • Fixed bug when dwarf continue crafting after changing block configuration under him by player.
  • Fixed bug with player’s disappearing marks on the blocks.
  • Fixed bug with clock sound after removing it.
  • Fixed bug with water drops after building the blocks atop the stalactites.
  • Fixed several crash issues.