Craft the World Wiki
  • Added collectible cards giving access to badges, profile backgrounds and smiles.
  • Improved dwarves AI. Now dwarf takes items while moving to the stockpile if one has empty spaces in the backpack.
  • Fixed AI bug when dwarves forget about their tasks if they went astray when falling for example.
  • Fixed AI bug when dwarves don’t want to take different tasks if there were several construction tasks but there weren’t enough resources at the stockpile.
  • Dwarves mages now don’t use powerful spells for weak foes or for the group of harmless animals e.g. snails.
  • Fixed delays at displaying of the dwarves pictures when changing their armor and weapon.
  • Fixed periodical wrong positioning on the inventory page when clicking on the resource at the craft table.
  • Fixed bug with dragon freezing when scaling.
  • Fixed mana wasting when player make prolongation of the portal while it is closing.
  • Fixed several crash issues when closing red monsters portals.
  • Fixed restart button on the locked planets of the campaign.
  • Several minor bug fixes e.g. goblins camp fire now doesn’t burn under water, sand doesn’t fall from the dwarf when he climbs on the back wall under water.