Craft the World Wiki
  • Added new languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese. Corrected misprints in Russian, English and German localization. You can switch languages in the Options dialog.
  • Improved pathfinding
  • Finding the nearest stockpile when using several stockpiles.
  • Now dwarves cut down bushes on their way when turning on the siege mode.
  • Improved finding the nearest available block if block marked by player is inaccessible.
  • Now dwarves are trying to place block they carry before they begin to attack closer monster instead of throwing the block away and attack the monster immediately.
  • Now dwarves remember their tasks better if something interrupts them on their way.
  • Added few surprises which become active during Halloween eve.
  • Improved behavior of mages and archers when they use ranged attack.
  • For better performance all creatures are displayed like icons when scaling far enough.
  • Now mages don’t use healing spell for sleeping dwarves.
  • Probability to fall while climbing was decreased 2 times.
  • Improved loading screen.
  • Added ability to change screen resolution in the options dialog.
  • Improved view of illuminated blocks.
  • Balanced comfort calculation when using pyramid blocks as shelter walls.
  • Fixed few bugs with achievements.
  • Saved game files were made more stable.
  • Fixed bug with appearing of tutorial dialog in the start menu.
  • Fixed bug with invisible enemies killing dwarves.
  • Fixed bug with elevators when dwarves didn’t completely enter inside the elevator cabin.
  • Fixed bug with magic attack through several blocks.
  • Fixed bug with level generation when ants’ nests were placed over the pyramids.
  • Fixed bug with multiple statue destroying inside the pyramid.
  • Fixed some crash issues.
  • Other minor bug fixes.