Craft the World Wiki
  • Improved dwarves AI:
  • dwarves now seek for active tasks near portals opened by player,
  • fixed dwarves behavior near beware signs and inside the elevators,
  • fixed dwarves behavior at the some pools with bridges,
  • Improved archers AI.
  • Improved placement of secret rooms in level generation algorithm.
  • Fixed freezes and errors in dwarf's attack animation, yeti's and skeleton's animations.
  • Fixed misplaced block marks when cancel selected item in the fast slot.
  • Fixed traps placement above ground level and hanging of several constructions after removing blocks below them.
  • Fixed effect of the forest spell.
  • Fixed hanging rails after giant worm passing.
  • Fixed crashes when open old saved games with previous recipes tree.
  • Fixed periodically unlocking of all levels when starting a new campaign.
  • Fixed some visual defects with level tiles and interface.
  • Fixed calculation of double wall durability.
  • Fixed several crash issues and memory leaks.