Craft the World Wiki
  • By constructing a several sections of farmer fence you create a farm in which can be placed such animals as: sheep, llamas, and all kinds of chickens. To catch animals, dwarves set the trap-cages. Sheep and llama can be shaved by using special scissors. Chicken will give you feathers and eggs.
  • Added new monster – gargoyle. Flock of gargoyles attack fortress and dwarves from above. They become stones at sunrise.
  • Sheep’s wool grows over time. Bald sheep doesn’t drop wool. Skin is dropped now only from boars.
  • With the addition of farm now balanced some resources drops (skin, meat, wool) and producing of some items (rope).
  • Improved dwarves AI during switching the siege mode, hunting, building sequence priority, pathfinding, tasks distribution between dwarves.
  • Added coins drop from strong monsters with some probability. Especially it is seen on monsters wave. Giant worm now drops significant amount of valuable resources after death.
  • Improved dwarf’s calls of each other when beginning a battle.
  • Improved monsters pathfinding.
  • Improved stability of saved games.
  • Added notification icon when monsters attack dwarves constructions.
  • Monsters receive now several damage when fall into the fence.
  • Now allowed simultaneously using of growing trees spell.
  • Direct control mode now automatically switches off when pressing any notification icon.
  • Added auto filling of already known recipes by using craft button.
  • Fixed bug with dwarves behavior after switching off siege mode.
  • Fixed displaying of health and satiety indicators when switching between the dwarves.
  • Fixed dwarves behavior on the ladders under monsters attack.
  • Fixed short time of replacing the pyramids blocs.
  • Fixed scorpion arriving in the bestiary book.
  • Fixed arriving of a scorpion in the bestiary book.
  • Fixed beasts animation when moving through the ladders.
  • Forbidden ability to spoil the block destruction by monsters with marking it to dig and then cancelling the action.
  • Fixed several issues of level generation.
  • Fixed music disappearing after some time.
  • Fixed several crash issues and memory leaks.
  • Other minor bug fixes.