Craft the World Wiki
  • Archers now can attack animals within farms.
  • Increased range of visibility for gargoyles.
  • Improved pathfinding of the dwarves for building tasks and after closing the magic portals.
  • Balanced AI – lowered priority of gathering resources.
  • Improved pathfinding of monsters to the dwarves shelter.
  • Performance optimization of the game.
  • First of all ghosts try to throw out the stone gargoyles if they are in a stockpile.
  • Balanced quantity of loot appearing from the strongest monsters.
  • Changed number of produced resources: clay 5->2, bricks 6->3, bans 5->3, apple pies 10->6, soup 5->3. Changed feeding: fried eggs 3->2. Changed healing: apple pies 0->2%, greens salad 0->2%
  • Simple arrows removed from shop.
  • Fixed appearing of beholders in the monsters waves.
  • Some minor interface changes e.g. removed description of the empty slots at the equipment dialog.
  • Fixed bug with displaying of information while switching between dwarves.
  • Fixed bug with wool growing on the sheep.
  • Fixed bug with fully satiety recovering with the single beer mug.
  • Fixed bug with elevator’s cabin moving outside the shaft.
  • Fixed some crash issues e.g. for Windows XP and Mac.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements: increased comfort for the table with tablecloth, increased durability of wooden walls, decreased slugs’ lifetime, fixed yetis dying underwater.
  • Other minor interface fixes.