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Open beta-test[1] (20 May, 2015)

1.1.007b[ | ]

Release candidate

  • Improved dwarves AI when they use railways and elevators.
  • Added new weapons for cave goblins.
  • Added new sounds for creatures and events.
  • Small changes in the tech tree for old worlds – added several items from 4th world, luxury decorating technology was disconnected from others.
  • Improved animation of big zombie.
  • Orc-skeletons were made more powerful.
  • Other minor changes in graphic, interface and levels generator.

1.1.006b[ | ]

  • Improved dwarfs AI: behavior when marking flying targets, selecting of building tasks when using several additional stockpiles, fishing through the ground blocks.
  • Improved cave goblins AI: they could build blocks below dwarves’ structures; attacking the sleeping larvas infinitely.
  • Changed cut speed setting for axes: stone axe 1,5->2, iron 2->3, steel 3->4, silver 4->5, mithril 5->7.
  • Fixed orcs animation in the water.
  • Fixed progress calculation when placing item recipe from it manually.
  • Fixed some crush issues while colliding creatures and items.
  • Fixed disassembling of all kinds of ore.
  • Other minor fixes: texts misspellings, AI of cave beasts, use of scissors.

1.1.005b[ | ]

  • Added translation for new items descriptions and messages for other supported languages.
  • Increased minimal number of goblins colonies up to 3, limited their population depending on player’s level.
  • Improved AI of cave goblins for building torches and ladders.
  • Improved AI of dwarfs for selecting construction tasks, placing blocks from elevators cabin, getting stuck at the elevators cabin under water, falling from elevator cabin without back wall blocks.
  • Added abandoned secret rooms for the 4th world.
  • Fixed multiple displaying of warning icon about appearing of monsters portal.
  • Fixed destroying of wheat blocks by placing scaffolding over them. Fixed stacking of falling scaffolding.
  • Fixed placing of wheat blocks out of ground blocks.
  • Fixed passage to the 4th world in the campaign mode.
  • Fixed game crush when using light spell near lava.
  • Fixed placing of torches in caves without back walls.
  • Fixed growing of roots at flying islands when they damage constructions below them.
  • Fixed choosing of places for nest by octopuses.
  • Fixed bug with railroad building when several sections may become inaccessible.
  • Other several minor changes and fixes: shamans dialogs, decreasing time of appearing Takmak by clicking on filled altar; cave beasts moving, appearing of spiders in caves without back walls, displaying icons of dead troopers.

1.1.004b[ | ]

  • Fixed building of Tesla Towers above 1st level.
  • Balanced tuning for firearms.
  • Fixed passage to the 4th world in the campaign mode.
  • Added ability of teleporting and protection from sand blocks for the shaman.
    Now his fireballs destroy dwarfs’ blocks.
    Increased delay between shaman’s dialogs.
  • Balanced tuning for loot remaining from creatures. Now loot appears even after transfiguration spell.
  • Added hotkey for switching dwarfs in the equipment dialog – <space>.
  • Fixed torches placement at the caves breaks.
  • Fixed distribution of the sand blocks if Takmak becomes angry.
  • Fixed goblins’ AI at the 1st world.
  • Fixed misplaced ants nest arriving.

1.1.003b[ | ]

  • Fixed several crash issues when player removes benches, kitchens etc.
  • Increased spawn of cave goblins after their death.
  • Added loot from underground goblins structures.
  • You can put on an equipment item on the selected dwarf by x2 clicking on the item at the equipment dialog.
  • Fixed archer dwarf AI while attacking enemies under water from above.
  • Fixed transformation of gargoyles into stone.
  • Fixed bug when portal spell removes wheat at the same place.
  • Now you can find also treasure rooms with black dragons with the help of compass spell.
  • Increased speed of octopuses and beholders. They are displayed now as icons when you decrease scale.
  • Changed recipe of rifle.

1.1.002b[ | ]

  • Additional parameters are displayed for ranged weapons.
  • Fixed several issues of inexplicable death of dwarfs and other creatures.
  • Fixed incorrect view of tech tree after loading of previous worlds.
  • Increased time of displaying of the notification icon about monsters’ portal.
  • Fixed bug with the appearing of ants’ nests under water.
  • Fixed appearing of plain earth blocks deep underground.
  • Fixed spawn of skeletons from caves in previous worlds.
  • Fixed bug with background displaying in 4th world.
  • Fixed AI of gargoyles when they didn’t want to break the shelter walls.
  • Removed excess recipes of the 4th world from previous worlds in sandbox mode.
  • Fixed several bugs with dwarfs AI e.g. distant attacks, long time of work at the long ladders.

1.1.000b[ | ]

A Brand New World:

Changes for all worlds:

  • Improved battle system in cases when several creatures simultaneously attack each other.
  • Additional sounds for creatures and events.
  • Changed recipe and price for totem.
  • Fixed several cases of wrong illumination.
  • Giant ants now attack all creatures.
  • If you place weapon in the equipment slot then dwarf use it always even he has got a tool with better damage.
  • Fixed resources drop from Tesla towers of 2nd and 3rd level.
  • Fixed damage made by dwarfs with spears.
  • Now dwarfs build blocks of stucco considering to previously chosen type of these blocks.
  • Fixed bug with instantly growing of wheat.
  • Fixed hotkeys CTRL+R (all go for rest) and CTRL+E (all go eat) for Mac version.
  • Fixed several cases when items pass through the blocks if they fall from high altitude.

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