Craft the World Wiki
  • Archers and mages now increase their skills during battle even if they miss the enemies.
  • Elixir of obliteration was placed earlier in the tech tree and Compass spell was placed further.
  • Shaman at the 4th world now teleports himself to the altar if he appears far from it. If some blocks don’t let him pass to the altar he can transform them to the water.
  • Changed prices for firearms components.
  • Fixed order of technologies for the tech trees in different worlds.
  • Fixed cases of disappearing several recipes of the portal parts.
  • Fixed bug when dwarves won’t dig in the direct control mode when siege mode was turned on.
  • Fixed freezing of green goblins at the 1st world.
  • Fixed errors with miss shots of arrows and bullets.
  • Fixed bug with trees growing for early saved games.
  • Fixed some crush issues.