Craft the World Wiki
  • Takmak stops coming if player didn’t place anything at the altar. When player begins placing items at the altar Takmak arrives again.
  • Now loot remains from beasts when they were killed by cave goblins. Cave goblins stop gathering resources when player demolish their main building.
  • Increased number of chitin pieces falling from the appropriate beasts.
  • Goblins' shaman now doesn’t receive damage when he falls.
  • Decreased depth of sulfur deposits.
  • It’s forbidden now to change configuration of the block if construction above restricts it.
  • Siege mode automatically switches off when you restart game.
  • Configuration of the edge farm block changes automatically when dwarves demolish part of a goblins farm.
  • Fixed bug when dwarves could walk on the air without support.
  • Fixed bug when dwarves tried to place a block infinitely to the invalid place.
  • Fixed bug when 2 dwarves could go fishing through the portal to the one place.
  • Towers now can attack ghosts again.
  • Fixed bug with the same recipes of the ancient portal at one level.
  • Fixed bug with resetting of weather options when restarting or loading new level.
  • Fixed appearing of octopuses’ nests above green bushes.
  • Fixed several game crashes e.g. while monsters wave arrives.
  • Other minor fixes: set the sound for steel door, changed price for steel ladder.