Craft the World Wiki

Released on 15 January 2024.

Base game

  • Fixed some cases of dwarves swimming in ponds getting stuck.
  • The arrangement of dishes on the shelves of the stall has been corrected, priority has been set for the automatic placement of some products (berries, etc.) that can be used in other recipes.
  • Adjusting the radius of light sources.
  • Fixed the helmet removal animation for female dwarf characters in biomes.
  • Fixed: wall blocks and enemies did not appear during the “Trap” event of Pandora's Box.
  • Fixed: clouds disappeared in winter and desert worlds.
  • Fixed: monsters endlessly tried to break the machine while training on it.
  • Minor fixes in the game editor.

DLC Invasion

  • When an alien capsule falls, sound, effects and earth shaking have been added.
  • Glowing elements and a strength indicator have been added to the alien shuttle.
  • Added an event icon and a chronicle entry when a shuttle is destroyed.
  • The growth of normal bushes and the appearance of a giant worm on infected blocks is prohibited.
  • Infecting of stone blocks is prohibited.
  • The alien technology panels have a special background. The discovery of these technologies due to the corresponding Pandora's Box event is prohibited.
  • A special effect is used to show the effects of radiation on dwarves.
  • Adjusting the balance of items dropped when alien structures are destroyed.
  • Setting up drone animations.
  • The base doors are de-energized immediately when the reactor is partially damaged (smoking).
  • Reduced the strength of alien walls and doors.
  • A slowdown has been added for elements of powerful armor made using alien technology.
  • Added some missing sounds.
  • Fixed: DLC items were available in creative mode.
  • Fixed: the aliens did not pay attention to the dwarves who were inside the base when it appeared. The resources that fell from the blocks at this place hung in the air.
  • Fixed the appearance of a dwarf armed with a blaster.
  • Fixed some cases of game crashes when DLC is enabled.