Craft the World Wiki
  • Added a multiplayer mode and 3-biomes for online battles including :
    • Unique loot
    • 2 game modes: cooperative and PvP
    • Different maps for each game mode
    • The original aspects of the gameplay, which single player doesn't have
    • New monsters
    • Gathering resources for the source world
    • The opportunity to join an existing game
    • Selecting the priority of visiting the biomes
  • Added the Soul Keeper and Resurrection Potion for dead dwarves.
  • Added a schematic mini-map.
  • Added achievements for multiplayer and 4th world.
  • Increased priority of attacks for marked enemies.
  • Increased the damage of the 1st level Tesla towers and base damage from mage's staff.
  • Increased force of staffs: Wizard's Staff 1.5x -> 2 and Mithril Staff 2 -> 3.
  • Improved dwarves AI, including, some cases of improper behavior near the Beware Sign.
  • Fixed destroying of blocks under the buildings.
  • Limited maximum number of fish in a single pond.
  • Added ability to completely fill out the table with selected dish by clicking as usual on the table while holding the Ctrl key.
  • Changed prices in the Shop: mana potion 3 potions for 1 coin -> 3 potions for 2 coins.
  • Fixed task with Compass spell.
  • Many other small fixes and improvements.

More about Multiplayer

  • A biome is a small level where a unit of dwarves is temporarily sent. Different parts of the biome contain well-guarded rooms with various bonuses: weapons, resources, etc. They are marked on the map with glowing symbols.
  • Cooperative mode involves players banding together to defeat a common foe that has fortifications in every biome. The players receive a reward based on their contribution to the victory.
  • In a competitive game, all of the opponent’s dwarves must be destroyed and the loot goes to the winner.
  • Dwarves belonging to another player are marked on the mini-map with an aura of a particular color. When they are closer to their own base they have additional protection which is displayed above their heads as shield badges.
  • You can call dwarves from the original world to replace the fallen (there is a button with an arrow by their number), but you cannot exceed maximum unit size. Dead dwarves can be resurrected upon completion of the biome using the special Soul Store building or you can wait for new dwarves to come to the world.
  • Because of biome is far from the original world, magic is spent quicker the further away from the portal you move. Because of this, dwarves cannot take heavy weaponry and a supply of items into the biome. Once they achieve victory they can only take a limited number of simple resources back home as well.
  • You can return home at any moment by clicking the portal, but you will lose all of your loot.

How to get to a multiplayer?

  • To start multiplayer game the player shall improve the stockpile in the initial world and have at least 5 dwarves.
  • After enhancement of the stockpile, the player can apply special spell and choose multiplayer options.