Craft the World Wiki
  • Added brand new biome filled by disgusting bugs for cooperative walkthrough and PvP. You gain an unique loot in case of victory.
  • Improved dwarves AI regarding to pathfinding and probability to fall down while climbing and walking on bridges.
  • Now you can send resources to another player at the biome. You should select particular cell with resource in the craft dialog and press button to the right several times depending to the number of transferring resources.
  • Added chat for multiplayer. Now you can press Enter and send messages to another player at the biome.
  • Improved interface of the craft dialog. Craft button icon now show current action: placing a recipe, crafting an item or disassembling an item.
  • Resources gained by dwarves become temporarily unavailable for another player to steal them.
  • The items made by one player are inaccessible for some time for collecting by another player.
  • Restart level button now unavailable at the biomes.
  • Fixed cases of discrepancy of a Tech Tree with the current world.
  • Fixed some cases at which dwarves passed through the Beware Sign.
  • Fixed incorrect displaying of waiting multiplayer icon over the main stockpile.
  • Fixed: if the monsters attack block and one of the dwarves attack the same block (but don’t destroy it) the block ceases to break.
  • Fixed generation of the biomes chests in the air.
  • Fixed several bugs with opening chests at the boost rooms and magic forest spell at the biomes.
  • Mithril ingots replaced with mithril ore in the soul keeper recipe.
  • Dark lord at the forest biome now can call up zombies. Added colonies of giant ants.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.