Craft the World Wiki
  • Fixed bug when new skins of pets were changing after every restart of the game.
  • Fixed fonts of Japanese localization.
  • Fixed memory leak after the construction of the wooden towers or catapults.
  • Fixed bug when wave of monsters didn’t go to the stockpile and stood still.
  • Fixed bug when rats nest appears under water.
  • Fixed bug when chickens arrives at wrong position outside the level.
  • Fixed: when chickens on farm reached up to maximum population, they began to hatch outside the farm.
  • Fixed: wooden tower inflicted damage to the player's catapults.
  • Fixed: monsters didn't bring loot and experience after death from catapults.
  • Fixed bug when dwarf cut the tree endlessly, if he already did it at the time of starting the game.
  • Fixed animation of dwarf riding a trolley.
  • Fixed: quick ladder is no longer blocking the construction of objects behind it.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.