Craft the World Wiki

Halloween-specific Updates[ | ]

Zombies Open Season
  • Special content available during the holiday:
    • Attire, weapons, and armor
    • Unusual interior design items
    • Treats
  • All evil beings behave far more aggressively than usual
  • Killing Zombies at night provides rewards the following morning
  • Monsters and plants take on an unusual appearance
  • The rest of the environment looks more terrifying

Updates to Base Game[ | ]

  • Many new sounds have been added, including dwarf conversations and laughter, sounds of creatures in the biomes, and sounds for DLC. Sisters in Arms (conversations and laughter of female dwarves, sounds of their pets), etc.
  • At the start of a new level in campaign mode, a huge part of the tech tree now becomes initially available to the player with each new planet.
  • The rats have become less troublesome, their maximum population size has been reduced, and the interval between their appearances increased. Several errors in their behavior have been fixed.
  • When the select game dialog box is opened, the slot with your last game is automatically highlighted.
  • Alchemical recipes for collecting coal, iron, silver, gold, and mithril have been simplified.
  • Fixed: the main menu language was not changed until the game was relaunched.
  • Other small changes and corrections.