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21 Mar 2017[1]

Updates to Base Game[ | ]

  • The tech tree becomes partially open more and more from the very beginning of each level in campaign. Deleted some links limiting access to weapon technologies by interior technologies.
  • Blocks of secret rooms were completely replaced – now rooms consist from stone blocks of the ancient disappeared race instead of the constructions of dwarves and contain the locked doors to dungeons with crowds of monsters. Graphics of the ancient portal was replaced according to new style of secret rooms.
  • New monsters were added to monsters’ waves: a Skeleton Archer, a Zombie Armor-Breaker and a Giant Thrower which can throws small zombies.
  • Added many-tier beds which allow you to save space significantly when constructing a shelter on the initial stages of the level.
  • Added marks on the mini map for displaying the opening portals with waves of monsters.
  • Now displays a cost of a spell near the cursor if it is growing in process of removal from the stockpile (for biomes).
  • Now when removing blocks under the archer towers they turn into resources.
  • Corrected work of a lighting spell – sometimes it didn't open unexplored area.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Dig with Friends DLC[ | ]



  • The community stockpile allows players to share resources easily.
  • New monsters with interesting offensive tactics will keep you on your toes.
  • Renewable resource veins allow you to mine the ore without worrying about it running out.
  • Spawn cubes can generate monsters upon request.
  • Don’t forget to defend your main stockpile! If it gets destroyed, you lose.

References[ | ]