Craft the World Wiki
  • Fixed crashes.
  • Fixed: the player always got into the same biome, regardless of the settings.
  • Fixed: the new dwarf didn’t appear if you quit the game during the animation of the appearance of the dwarf from the main stockpile.
  • Fixed: new pets doesn’t spawn instead of the dead pets.
  • Fixed: the portal spell sometimes disappeared on the client.
  • Fixed: the sounds in the game disappeared after loading Custom game.
  • Fixed: spawn a large number of spiders in a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed: naked gnomes appeared sometimes.
  • Fixed: increased the damage inflicted on the dwarf when he running away from the enemy.
  • Fixes in the Chinese localization
  • Added: now you can manage the list of servers from the keyboard.
  • Added: invitation to the multiplayer via Steam.