Craft the World Wiki

Updates to Base Game[ | ]

  • Added Polish language.
  • Fixed: on the minimap, dwarves that flew in tornado were not displayed.
  • Fixed: the animals couldn’t jump on the block or jump over it.

Dig with Friends DLC[ | ]

  • Added fires in DLC Dig with Friends!
  • In creative mode, when you select infinite resources, the mana becomes infinite too.
  • Added: the bed after demolition is reserved now on that player to whom it belongs.
  • Fixed: Mad Rider and Giant Thrower now don’t go through the door.
  • Fixed: in creative mode new dwarves won’t come after their deaths.
  • Fixed: after death and disappearance the Terrible Beholder revived again and shoot one more fireball.
  • Fixed: cost of spells was calculated not from the chest, but from the main stockpile.
  • Fixed: from the Zombie Spawner in the Winter world came out Yetis.
  • Fixed: dwarves could grab someone else's stuff in multiplayer on their way to the stockpile.
  • Fixed: in the Winter World instead of zombies, in the secret rooms spawned the Yetis.