Craft the World Wiki
  • General
    • The mechanics of the elevator was completely changed. Now elevator consists of several cabins moving continuously.
    • Added 3 pennants which become available to the player for decoration if he has received the corresponding achievements.
    • Corrected the arrangement and the size of the text in a diary window for Asian languages.
    • Corrected lack of localization files for Polish.
    • Fixed positioning of marks of monsters’ portals when changing resolution.
    • Remembered the last open page in workshop dialogue.
  • Multiplayer
    • Reduced durability of the main stockpile.
    • Fixed: the camp of goblins could appear directly over a chest of the inactive player.
    • Fixed: the portal didn't open near a chest if chest stood on the bridge.
    • Added spawn cubes for the creative mode with zombie-armorbreakers and skeletons archers.
    • Fixed: on the sleeping women dwarves of other player hairstyles weren't displayed.
    • Changed: ghosts now throw out the resources which are available only in the common stockpile.
    • Fixed: in the creative mode dwarves mages beat with staffs instead of use the lightnings.
    • Fixed: in the creative mode for the players who have joined the server was displayed multiple effect of the portal from spawn cubes.
    • Fixed: imps didn't continue the movement after release from a trap.
    • Fixed some crashes.