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25 Oct 2017[1]

  • Dwarfs can now sleep without beds, but their health is restored much more slowly.
  • Added displaying of icon of current work and path arrows for the selected dwarf.
  • Added additional animations for dwarfs.
  • Furniture and machines[2] can now be broken by monsters at the dwarf’ shelter.
  • Improved AI of monsters, now large monsters can also break blocks to clear a passage.
  • A progress indicator was added to the mining blocks, which allows you to better track the completion time.
  • In the Grunt’s shop you can buy additional mechanisms that simplify the full conquering of the world:
the mana generator - accelerating mana regeneration,
the mana storage - increasing maximum reserve of mana and
the portal gate - allowing to maintain a constant web of active portals.
  • In the 4th world, “The land of dangerous caves”, secret rooms have also been added.
  • Added new backgrounds for the biomes of forest and cave worlds.
  • Improved the interface of the game: the settings dialog, the appearance of text labels and time.
  • Optimized performance.
  • Added many other minor fixes and improvements in the balance of the game, recipes, sounds, controlling of dwarfs, tutorial.

References[ | ]

  1. Posted by Annieway at Craft The World General Discussions on STEAM.
  2. In Annieway's translation, it said "workbenches". But in the russian text, the word used is "станки", which means "machines". The correspondent for "workbench" in russian is "Верстак", which is even used in this language version of the game to designate this item.