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25 Dec 2017 - Christmas Update[1]

New content:

  • Added constructions for training combat skills of dwarfs: dummies for warriors[2], targets for archers[3] and magical spheres for mages[4]. A dwarf can be sent to practice by clicking on it and selecting the appropriate command in the context menu, also by using the button in the equipment dialog or by pressing CTRL+T for several dwarfs at once.
  • Inside the abandoned underground rooms are added doors with treasures (level restart is needed), which can only be opened by collecting a certain combination of runes. Doors are additionally guarded by stone gargoyles and giant mechanical golems.
  • Added New Year content: themed clothes for zombies and green goblins, Christmas tree, decorations[5] for home and cookies.
  • Added improved archers towers, sheathed with iron, they have more protection and damage.
  • Added magic transmitters that reduce mana cost when moving away from the main stockpile. For campaign levels has been added a small drain of mana.
  • Added 5 new pennants[6] to decorate the house, corresponding to 5 hard-to-receive achievements in single game mode.
  • Added new items of equipment: rings and amulets[7], giving different bonuses. They can only be found inside abandoned underground rooms.

Changes and fixes:

  • Many changes in recipes (in most cases - in the direction of simplification): planks, arrows, oil, dishes, threads, cloth, fences, wooden bridge, rails, wheel, catapult, additional stockpile. → See the complete list.
  • Improved direct control of the chosen dwarf.
  • Improved dwarfs pathfinding. Corrected the behavior of dwarfs when fishing.
  • Fixed some cases of generating a world without a room with the portal.
  • Opened doors inside secret rooms can now be destroyed.
  • The conditions for obtaining the achievement Naturalist have been changed from studying all creatures to study more than 50 creatures.
  • The server now has the ability to change the speed of the multiplayer game.
  • Fixed a duplication of objects at a time when the dwarf and imp simultaneously took one object.
  • Fixed group selection of blocks with the SHIFT button.
  • Fixed: dwarf digged the ladder instead of the back block when you select it in the context menu.
  • Fixed: biomes did not show resource icons when camera moves away from blocks.
  • Fixed: fishes did not allow to fill up pond with blocks.
  • Fixed: dwarfs could not jump into the portal hanging in the air next to the block.
  • Fixed: extension of the farm fence sometimes released some animals.
  • Workout speed was increased in 2 times.
  • Increased the delay of the arrival of a new pet instead of the deceased one.
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements.

Changed recipes:

Underlined items had changes at the ingredients (adding, replacing or removing some crafting material).
All the others had increased the result amount.
Only the 'Grilled Meat' and the 'Stew' had changed both ingredients and result amount.

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References[ | ]

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