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Lunar New Year banner

15 Feb 2018 - Chinese content update[1]

New content:

  • With the celebration of the Lunar New Year added some items which fall out as gifts - festive lanterns, boxes with fireworks, a set of Dragon Warrior's armor and sword.

Changes and fixes:

  • Some dwarfs skills were extended with new abilities - an experienced fisherman catches more fish and can increase their population in a pond; logger plants trees incl. on desert terrain, replacing sand on the ground; swimmer swims faster, does not sink and can work under water for a while; climber climbs faster and can quickly slides down; miller plants wheat; the hunter lures animals closer to the shelter.
  • Blocks next to the lava are gradually charred, ignited and then destroyed depending on the durability of their material and the height above the lava.
  • A number which shows the cost of the spell indicates when this value becomes too big.
  • Inside the secret rooms the evil gargoyle guards treasures instead of the usual one.
  • Imps always deliver the current item to the warehouse before disappearing.
  • New beast descriptions have been added to the bestiary.
  • Fixed bug when dwarfs stuck in a pond, fixed resurrection of new dwarfs without clothes, fixed hunger suppression with wine.
  • Fixed the breaking of blocks by monsters under the main stockpile and warehouse, improved their pathfinding.
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed bug when catapults, archer towers and tesla towers didn't shoot at monsters after their owner quit the game.
  • Fixed bug when archer towers inflicted damage to the dwarfs of other player.
  • Fixed some cases of appearance of invisible enemies in secret rooms.
  • Fixed the number of runes appeared depending on the number of players.
  • Fixed 2 chests with the flag of the same color.
  • Fixed sleeping dwarf of the other player on my bed.
  • Fixed displaying of the level size in the server settings.

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