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Released on 25 June, 2019.


  • 2 new DLCs will be available: Bosses & Monsters and Abandoned Mines.
  • Implemented the ability to craft new and existing items in 1 click without placing a recipe.
  • Now you can quickly call the dwarves, which all go to the nearest selected point. Also works on Shift + right click.
  • Collection icons marks appear. When you click on the icon resources send into the tasks of collecting by dwarves.
  • In the world of the Underground caves added extra rooms with rune doors and golems guards.
  • Now you can call the trolley anywhere. Previously, it was possible only at the place of installation of the railroad switch.
  • Improved display of the sea in the island worlds.
  • In freshwaters now grow algae.
  • Increased the priority of fire extinguishing tasks by dwarves.
  • For new items and some old ones added large pictures in the recipes.
  • Added more options for the usual secret rooms.
  • Added symbols for Romanian localization.

General fixes:

  • Fixed some cases of crossing of secret rooms on each other.
  • Fixed a bug where magicians attacked with lightning from a very long distance.[1]
  • Fixed some crash issues.
  • Many other minor changes and fixes.

Mods support:

  • Fixed: no initial equipment items were assigned to quick slots.
  • Fixed: the number of items issued when reaching a particular level was always 1.
  • Fixed some bugs in the mod editor.
  • Added switches to set the feature for mirroring the item; added flipping through the options for the image of a block with several pictures.

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