Craft the World Wiki

Released on 12 July, 2019.

  • Underground Lurkers no longer spawn right below the feet of the digging dwarves.
  • The maximum population of active ticks is limited now.
  • In the tip to the secret recipe in the technology tree displays the name of the item.
  • Fixed: dwarves archers could not attack the Burrowing Worm.
  • Fixed: in a multiplayer game, customers could not put marks of attack on beasts.
  • Fixed: sometimes it was impossible to mark Wyvern for an attack.
  • Fixed: ticks from magic staff attacked their own turrets.
  • Fixed: the cannon from the pirates' ship continued to shoot after the death of the Captain.
  • Fixed: the dwarves continued to attack the spawner of pirates on the ship after it disappeared.
  • Corrected: sometimes in the 1st world Ent did not spawn, and in the 3rd world Sphinx did not spawn.
  • Fixed some errors in interface texts and item descriptions.
  • Fixed some crash issues.