Craft the World Wiki

Released on 25 July, 2019.

  • Improved dwarves AI in a battle with the worm-digger, so that they retreated in time.
  • Added protection against spawn worm-digger in the same radius from totems as well as from the main stockpile.
  • When a wyvern is killed, it drops essence of fire, and in the world of dangerous caves it drops the wyvern egg with some probability.
  • Captain Octopus now gains increased health and damage with each next appearance of the ghost ship.
  • Fixed: monsters in multiplayer mode did not attack the main stockpile.
  • Fixed a bug where the player lost progress when a failed connection to the server.
  • Improved connection stability in a network game.
  • Fixed issue with screen zoom settings.
  • Fixed: ticks from the staff attacked the animals on the farm.
  • Fixed: digging machines now stop when mana is exhausted.
  • Fixed problems with getting achievements for killing some bosses.
  • Fixed some crash issues.