Craft the World Wiki

Released on 31 July, 2019.

Improved AI of dwarves:

  • sometimes dwarves tried to enter the portal repeatedly when the siege mode was activated;
  • 2 dwarves both could not place the blocks at the location of each other;
  • archers and mages sometimes stuck near the place of attack and digging;
  • dwarves did not retreat in battle with the worm-digger, taking him for a harmless creature;
  • during a panic, the dwarves ignored the portal opened by the player in order to escape from the battlefield;
  • sometimes idle dwarves entered the portal near the warehouse.
  • Fixed: sometimes the worm-digger did not bury the tunnel with blocks.
  • Fixed: the interior door was not displayed in the closed state.
  • Fixed: stone gargoyle disappeared when switching left / right view.
  • Fixed: the weapon in the hands of the dwarf at the level sometimes did not match the weapon in the equipment.
  • Fixed: when using a come here spell, the block is no longer marked at the point of the call.
  • Fixed: custom content was displayed incorrectly in mods, support for user borders for level blocks was added.
  • Fixed some errors in the texts.
  • Fixed some crash issues.