Craft the World Wiki

Released on 21 August, 2019.

Base game

  • Increased the effect of protecting dwarves with loopholes from 30 to 50%.
  • An checkbox has been added to the editor that the block may be carried away by a tornado.
  • Fixed: in the Desert world runes disappeared from the inventory if the player did not have the Bosses and Monsters DLC.
  • Fixed: sometimes wave time was reset or repeatedly delayed in the winter world.
  • Fixed: the torch from the mucus disappeared if the container with it was filled with water.
  • Fixed some errors in the texts.
  • Fixed some cases of abnormal termination of the game, including Mac version.

DLC Bosses and Monsters

  • Bosses: Kraken and Scorpisphinx are noticeably strengthened (they attack more often, do more damage, have better health).
  • Around the Kraken, tentacles of various sizes are additionally spawned.
  • A drop of resources from tentacles has been added: mucus, coins and fish in an increasing amount from the size of the tentacles.
  • The number of Lurkers in one colony was reduced and the interval of their respawn was increased.
  • Fixed: sometimes Kraken eventually ceases to attack in response.
  • Fixed: water disappeared under the kraken.
  • Fixed: sometimes dwarves could not swim out of the kraken pit.
  • Fixed: metal arrow turrets did not attack the wyverns from the wave.
  • Fixed: Thunderbolt bow lightning arrows did not have an effect on some monsters.
  • Fixed: Fire Whip Staff was absent in the technology tree of the World of dangerous caves.
  • Fixed: the power of some new mobs did not depend on the difficulty level of the game.

DLC Abandoned Mines

  • Added the ability to disassemble items: rusty gun, miner's helmet, miner's boots.

DLC Multiplayer

  • Fixed a bug with infinite health from wine.
  • Mac: Improved online game stability.