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Advanced Cooking
Tier 6
Prereq Farming
Unlocks File:Carrots Seeds.png Carrots Seeds
Stone Kitchen Stove Stone Kitchen Stove
Bun Bun
Bread Bread
Mushroom Pies Mushroom Pies[1]
Apple Pie Apple Pie
File:Cucumber Seeds.png Cucumber Seeds
File:Potato Seeds.png Potato Seeds
File:Tomato Seeds.png Tomato Seeds
Serving Spoon Serving Spoon[2]
Leads to Basic Alchemy
For the tree with all technologies, see: Tech Tree.

References[ | ]

  1. Underground World only.
  2. Although apples are available in nature only in the Forest World, the recipe is unlocked in all worlds, being possible for the player to cook it after buying some apples from the shop.