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Cones and apples found by dwarves cutting down trees can be eaten as soon as they are found.

Types Food • Ingredient
Placeable On tables
Heal Dwarf Health 2% health
Feeding Dwarf Satiety 1 satiety
Price Apple x 8 → 1 Coin

Apple is a foraged food and an ingredient found in nature by cutting some specific plants.

Acquiring[ | ]

Apples can be acquired by:

  • cutting down apple trees in the Forest World and Biome - 1 to 8 apples per tree (depending on the tree height);
  • cutting down apple bushes in the Elven Biome - 3 apples per bush (2 if the bush is frozen); or
  • buying them from the shop in all worlds.

Apples cannot be acquired in other biomes, where there is no shop.

Uses[ | ]

Foraged[ | ]

Apples are foraged items (together with pine cones) that may be acquired in early game, as they just fall from the trees the dwarfs cut. As a foraged food, apples may be served on tables, but are ready to eat since dwarfs take them from nature.

Ingredient[ | ]

Apples are also an ingredient used to:

Both dishes provide the same healing effect and 2x more the feeding effect of simple apples.

Hungry dwarfs[ | ]

If the dwarf taking an apple on the ground is hungry and not bored of eating apples, he will eat the apple instead of carring it to the stockpile. Foraged apples provide very little feeding and may be more useful as an ingredient. Players may be found in a shortage of apples as an ingredient, if dwarfs are hungry when harvesting apple plants.

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