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Backpacks can improve the natural carrying capacity of dwarfs. With no extra equipement, they can carry up to 3 items. The table below show the available backpacks and their characteristics.

Name Extra items Armor Tech tier Crafting station Price
Backpack Backpack 1 1 4 Coin
Armored Backpack Armored Backpack 1 4 4 Workbench Workbench 6 Coin
Tough Backpack Tough Backpack 2 5 Workbench Workbench 7 Coin

Note that the more they carry with them, the slower their movement becomes.

Overburden[ | ]

Overburden side

An overburden dwarf.

Dwarfs that have their carrying capacity reduced while they're carrying items, either by removing their backpack, or by replacing it with a smaller backpack, those overburden dwarfs will display a big generic wooden box on their back, until they can deliver the items to the stock.