Basic Alchemy

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Basic Alchemy
Tier 7
Prereq Advanced Cooking
Unlocks Lab.png Lab
Health Elixir.png Health Elixir
Mana Elixir.png Mana Elixir
Imps Summon.png Imps Summon
Soul Keeper.png Soul Keeper
Potion of Resurrection.png Potion of Resurrection
Elixir of Obliteration.png Elixir of Obliteration
Anti-Lycanthropy Medicine.png Anti-Lycanthropy[1]
Leads to Expert Cooking
For the tree with all technologies, see: Tech Tree.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Release Changes
1.6.000 25 Jun 2019 Anti-Lycanthropy Medicine was added.
1.1.008 27 May 2015 Compass Spell was moved to Master Alchemy.
Elixir of Obliteration was moved from Master Alchemy.

References[edit | edit source]