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Beds on ladders

Beds placed on ladders.

A bed is needed for the dwarfs to sleep in. They need to sleep to regain health. The recovery time depends on the comfort level of the shelter and each dwarf need its own bed. A bed cannot be placed adjacent to another bed or to a foreground block.

Types of beds[ | ]

Name Comfort Price Tear: Tech
Bed of Leaves Bed of Leaves 0 2 Coin 1: Basic Furnishing
Wooden Bed Wooden Bed 2 5 Coin 3: Adv. Furnishing
Many-tier Bed Many-tier Bed 4 6 Coin 3: Adv. Furnishing
Comfortable Bed Comfortable Bed 5 6 Coin 4: Expert Furnishing
Luxury Bed Luxury Bed 12 10 Coin 8: Master Furnishing

Upgrading[ | ]

Bed up

Female dwarf upgrading a bed.

Idle dwarfs, if well fed, can randomly upgrade beds by their own, without spending any resources.

Bed of Leaves Arrow right Wooden Bed Arrow right Comfortable Bed Arrow right Luxury Bed
Bed of Leaves Wooden Bed Comfortable Bed Luxury Bed

Many-tier beds cannot be upgraded.

Tips[ | ]

  • A bed with a bag next to it means it has already been assigned to a dwarf, and cannot be used by another one.
  • Removing or replacing a bed will make it available again, so it is possible to have many dwarfs using only one bed, but not at the same time.
  • Beds cannot be placed adjacent to another bed or a foreground wall, but can be placed on top of an adjacent tile with a ladder below.

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