Craft the World Wiki

A few tips before starting
- The portal spell is your best friend in this game, you can place portals where your dwarves have to be. This will significantly decrease the time needed to complete tasks.
- Do not worry or get discouraged when a dwarf die. They arenot lost forever. A new dwarf will spawn in 5 minutes. So don't restart the game just because you lost a dwarf.
- Try taking care of goblin camps as soon as possible, they can become a real hazard.
- Try the game a few times before you start your real first world. You will get more efficient while playing. It took me a few worlds to get the hang of things and, since I want everything to be how I want it to be, I restarted a few times. This actually benefitted me in the end.

The actual guide

The first thing you want to do when the game starts is open your crafting menu, which is located on the bottom right of your screen, then cycle to the fourth tab (Helmet) and look for the portal spell (rune with the blue 2 on it). When you have found the portal spell drag it into your action bar, which goes from the bottom left corner almost all the way to the bottom right corner. What you want to do now is gather 10 wood (you can get this by left or right clicking the bottom of a tree) and 8 stone (you do this by left or right clicking stone tiles). You need these resources to build your first set of tools for your first two dwarves. Don't worry, you start off with one dwarf but by doing tasks you level up and get more dwarves.

This is the first ever guide I have written, so it may not look very impressive. I will try to put as much content in here as possible so the guide is as comprehensive as it can be. I am not a Craft the World expert, I am just trying to help new players find a way to start in this game. I learn new things every day, and so I will try to update this guide as often as possible.