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Not to be confused with worlds.
Open Diary A biome is a small level where a unit of dwarves is temporarily sent.

~ in game Notes.

Biomes are special environments or dimensions accessible by group of dwarfs, using the multiplayer game spell, when an improved portal is already built in a world.

Biomes are good for farming, as some resources collected there can be transferred to the world. There is also some unique loot that can only be acquired in biomes.

Biomes are also the first multiplayer enviromnent of the game (not requiring any DLC), and are the only way to play PvP matches in Craft the World.

Some monsters can only be found in specific biomes.

Modes[ | ]

Biomes can be played in single player, PvP or coop.

Entering a Biome[ | ]

  1. Craft the improved portal;
  2. Open the Craft Menu in the Equipment tab and place the spell in slot of the quick bar;
  3. Select the spell in the quick bar and left-click in any place in the world.

A popup window will show the following options:

  • Mode: PvP or Cooperative
  • Invite friend: yes or no
  • Biome (more than one is chooseable)

Single player[ | ]

To be sure to play a biome in single player mode:[1]

  1. Cast the spell
  2. Deselect all biomes except 1 and put it first on the list
  3. Deselect PvP and select Coop
  4. Check the "Invite friend" option
  5. Close the Steam friends popup list, and wait for the next popup:
    Enter the biome in single player mode?
  6. Click "Yes".

Coop[ | ]

Open Diary Cooperative mode involves players banding together to defeat a common foe that has fortifications in every biome. The players receive a reward based on their contribution to the victory.

~ in game Notes.

PvP[ | ]

PvP opponent dwarfs
Open Diary In a competitive game, all of the opponents dwarves must be destroyed and the loot goes to the winner.

Dwarves belonging to another player are marked on the mini-map with an aura of a particular color. When they are closer to their own base they have additional protection which is displayed above their heads as shield badges.

~ in game Notes.

Group of dwarfs[ | ]

Dwarf to biome

Six is the maximum number of dwarfs in a biome. They are choosen randomly from the original world and travel to the biome keeping their name and skills, but they arrive in the biome with no armor or equipment.

Dead dwarfs are gone for good, however, if there is a Soul Keeper set up at home, the player can resurrect them once leaving the biome.

If a dwarf dies there is a button at the top of the UI to bring another dwarf from home.

Creatures[ | ]

Rules to all biomes:

Other rules:

  • Animals that provide wool and leather are present in the Forest and the Underground biomes.
  • There are hens in the Forest biome, but there are no flying octopi in the Underground.
  • There are no cave spirits in the Underground World.
  • Hidden rooms are populated as usual with mechanical guardians, ancient gargoyles, skeletons and zombies (inside the doors).

See the special creatures at the list below.

Boost rooms[ | ]

Biome boost room fog
Biome boost room
Different parts of the biome contain well-guarded rooms with various bonuses: weapons, resources, etc. They are marked on the map with glowing symbols.

~ in game Notes.

Challenge[ | ]

Remove construction

The chest in the Forest Biome

Each biome has a specific goal to be acomplished. This goal always consists in removing a construction that is protected or surrounded by special creatures. Completing the challenge awards the player with some of the possible biome loot. This loot will be available once back to the world.

Farming[ | ]

Biome returning home
Open Diary Because the biome is far from the original world, (...) dwarves cannot thake heavy weaponry and a supply of items into the biome. Once they achieve victory they can only take a limited number of simple resources back home as well.

You can return home at any moment by clicking the portal, but you will lose all of your loot.

~ in game Notes.

Besides the special loot, biomes are useful to ensure that there is no shortage of raw resources in worlds, even when the whole map is dug up.

To take resources from the biome, items like ingots, armors, helmets, weapons, etc. must be disassembled to the state of nuggets, because only raw resources are transferred back to the world.

And there is a limit for the amount of each resource to be transferred. This amount is five times the number of dwarfs alive plus five for each resource. As the max number of dwarfs in a biome is six, the maximum amount of each resource that can be transferred to the world is (5 x 6) + 5 = 35, so, thirty-five of each resource.[2]

Types[ | ]

There are four biomes, each one with their special creatures and loot:

Biome Creatures Loot
Beetles Biome Warrior-beetle icon Warrior-beetle
Worker-beetle icon Worker-beetle
Queen beetle icon Queen beetle
Matriarch icon Matriarch
50-60 Poison Arrow Poison Arrow
1-2 Pincer Necklace Pincer Necklace
The Ring of Speed The Ring of Speed
0-1 Poisonous Thorn Mace Poisonous Thorn Mace
Beetle in a stone Beetle in a stone
Elven Biome Ice Elf Spearman Ice Elf Spearman
Ice Elf Bowman Ice Elf Bowman
Elven Witch Elven Witch
1 Elven helmet Elven helmet
Elven armor Elven armor
Elven boots Elven boots
Elven bow Elven bow
Elven halberd Elven halberd
Forest Biome Dark Lord icon Dark Lord 0-1 Knight’s horned helmet Knight’s horned helmet
Cuirass of the Dark Lord Cuirass of the Dark Lord
Armored boots of the Dark Lord Armored boots of the Dark Lord
0-1 Dark Lord Servant’s halberd Dark Lord Servant’s halberd
Sword of the Dark Lord Sword of the Dark Lord
Underground Biome A huge Cave Goblin Camp 5-10 Enchanted Berries Enchanted Berries
Battle frenzy infusion Battle frenzy infusion
0-2 Shaman's Staff Shaman's Staff
Goblin Shaman’s hat Goblin Shaman’s hat

Pause and save[ | ]

There is no way to pause a game in biome. Even if playing single player. Pressing 'ESC' to open the main menu will display "Paused" in an overlay, but the in-game time does not stops at all.

And there is no way to save a game in biome. If the player quits before completing the challenge, all the progress will be lost and no resources will be transferred to the original world.

Some players though have noticed that quiting without acomplishing the challenge, but after 30 in-game minutes does allow the raw resources to be transferred.[3]

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
? ? Halved the amount of resources that could be transported from biomes to worlds:
from 10 per dwarf and a total of 70, to 5 per dwarf and a total of 35 of each resource.[2]
1.4.015 25 Sep 2018 Fixed gathering of loot by dwarfs in biomes near a stockpile.
1.4.013 25 Dec 2017 Fixed: biomes did not show resource icons on zoom out.
1.4.002 24 Mar 2017 Fixed: the player always got into the same biome, regardless of the settings.
1.4.000 21 Mar 2017 Now the cost of a spell is displayed near the cursor if it increases while moving away from the stockpile.
1.3.005 2 Nov 2016 Fixed layering of texts in the biomes dialog.
1.3.004 27 Oct 2016 Many new sounds have been added, including sounds of creatures in the biomes.
1.2.010 26 Jun 2016 Beetles Biome was introduced.
Now you can send resources to another player at the biome.
Added chat: you can press Enter and send messages to another player at the biome.
Resources gained by dwarves become temporarily unavailable for another player to steal them.
The items made by one player are inaccessible for some time for collecting by another player.
Restart level button now unavailable at the biomes.
Fixed incorrect displaying of waiting multiplayer icon over the main stockpile.
Fixed generation of the biomes chests in the air.
Fixed several bugs with opening chests at the boost rooms and magic forest spell at the biomes.
Added colonies of giant ants.
1.2.005 13 Jan 2016 The initial quantity of resources at the entrance to biomes is increased.
Fixed: problem of synchronization of construction of blocks.
Fixed: it was possible to connect each other with different versions of the game
1.2.004 24 Dec 2015 Increase in number of dwarves in the biome to 6.
Fixed: appearance of ending dialogue in the biome when it should not be.
1.2.001 19 Dec 2015 Introduced as the first multiplayer environment of the game.

References[ | ]

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