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Black Dragon
Black Dragon

Black dragons are more evil than their red relatives. They can usually be found in caves guarding piles of collected treasures.

Attack 0.06 (splash damage)
Flying speed 120
Health 5
Icon Black Dragon icon
Coin Coin x3
Meat Meat x4
Bones Bones x2 (60% chance)
Bones Bones x4 (40% chance)
Iron Axe Iron Axe (25% chance)
Steel Sword Steel Sword (25% chance)
Leather Armor Leather Armor (20% chance)
Steel Armor Steel Armor (15% chance)
Silver Armor Silver Armor (8% chance)
Mithril Helmet Mithril Helmet (4% chance)

The black dragon[1] is similar to the dragon (red), but only appears in the Underground World and is slightly more powerful. It usually guards a Tricky Toki Statue and a coin pile which can both be removed after the beast had been slayed. It spawns individualy, one dragon per chamber; and does not respawn once killed. It might appear accompanied by a guardian. Facing both at the same time can be painful.

Black Dragon Cave

A black dragon and a guardian holding a coin pile and a Tricky Toki statue.

Appearance[ | ]

Not to be confused with the dragon guarding their eggs on the bottom level of the Underground World, where these dragons also have a dark (purple) skin. Black dragons may be distinguished by a red mane, which common dragons have not.

BlackDragon LittleDragon

A black dragon at the left. And a dragon at the right.

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References[ | ]

  1. Name presented in the Bestiary. In the game files it appears as dragon_guard.