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Blue Bird
Blue Bird

Catch this creature to get eggs and feathers for arrows.

Walking speed 100
Climbing speed 100
Health 2
Life regen Red Cross
Drowning time 30s
Icon Blue Bird icon
Egg Egg x2
Feather Feather x2

Blue bird[1] is a harmless[2] non-hostile creature that spawns above ground. It is the equivalent of the hen (Forest), the ice bird (Snow) and the flying octopus (Underground) in the Desert World, being the only source of eggs and feathers in this world.

Characteristics[ | ]

Birds have no breeding system and will spawn randomly on the surface periodically to maintain a constant world population.

Birds will attempt to flee when attacked. They are quite fast and can be difficult for dwarfs to catch and kill; herd them into corners or holes for easier hunting. They are able to enter shelters through open doors and hatches and frequently fall down holes and mineshafts and are usually unable to find their way out.

It can be trapped and fenced in a farm.

References[ | ]

  1. Bestiary name of the creature. In game files, it may be refered as blue_bird, blue_chick or just chick.
  2. According to the bestiary classification.