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Bosses & Monsters

Bosses & Monsters is a downloadable content that adds features to Craft the World.

Features[ | ]

Repel an invasion of pirates from a ghost ship, deal with the were-dwarves that appear during blood moons in winter, solve a Sphinx’s riddle, and defeat a Monster from the Depths of the subterranean world in the “Bosses and Monsters” DLC!

DLC details:

  • Unique bosses and events in every campaign world.
  • New equipment and weapons, ingredients for secret recipes and defensive structures.
  • New, more dangerous surface and subterranean monsters.
  • Keep your dwarves from going wild and turning into a pack of were-dwarves when infected.

As well as:

  • Automatic digging machines – digging tunnels and laying tracks will now go much faster.
  • Library – crafting books allows you more quickly research any technology or buff key stats like dwarves’ health.
  • Incubator – an excellent addition to any farm. Raise chickens, dragons, and wyverns. You might even learn to fly the latter!

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.6.000 25 Jun, 2019 Made available.

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