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A bridge is a transportation block.

General caracteristics[ | ]

  • Creatures and structures can be on top of bridges.
  • Creatures can walk or run on top of bridges.
  • Creatures can walk, run, climb, jump, and fly through bridges.
  • Falling creatures will stop on top of bridges, and lose health if it's from too high.
  • Falling resources will pass through bridges as if they were not there.

As bridges do not block the path of monsters, they will never try to remove them. For that reason, they are good for placing outside the shelter structures that are not targeted by the monsters, like the soul keeper. However, if placed too close to the path of raids, zombies trown by giants may end up randomly remove them, along with the structure installed on top of them.

Types[ | ]

Below are the available craftable bridges along with their main differences.

Name Dwarfs
may fall
Vulnerable to Tech
Crafting station Shop
Fire Tornados
Log Bridge Log Bridge Yes (3%) Yes Yes 0 0.25 Coin
Wooden Bridge Wooden Bridge No Yes Yes 3 Workbench Workbench 1 Coin
Stone Bridge Stone Bridge No No No 5 Workshop Workshop 2 Coin