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Buckets are used for collecting water. The more buckets you have, the more water your dwarves can carry at a time.

Type Tool
Price 1 Coin
Tech needed Advanced Woodworking

Bucket is a tool used for gathering water.

Use[ | ]

  1. Left-click on a block with water; and
  2. Wait for the dwarfs to complete the task.

If there is a removable/diggable background on the block, or if the block is part of a pond with fishes, more than one option will popup:

  1. Left-click on a block with water;
  2. Click "Gather Water"; and
  3. Wait for the dwarfs to complete the task.

The "Gather Water" option requires at least one bucket available in the stock.

Dwarfs do not need to search for buckets at the stock, neither to be equipped with them through the equip menu, to gather water; they do it automatically, like with other tools.

After the buckets have been crafted at the workbench and carried to the stockpile, they become available for dwarfs to gather water.

Gathering process[ | ]

The gathering process consists in two steps:

  1. Bagging water; and
  2. Carring the water bags to a stockpile.

Both steps require at least one bucket available in the stock, but only the 2nd step reduces the number of buckets available.

I.e., with only one bucket in the stock, you can order many dwarfs to bag water; and once the order is given, many dwarfs can do this at the same time. But if one dwarf take one bag of water to carry it to the stock, he will use the only bucket available, and all other dwarfs will stop bagging, waiting for the bucket to arrive at the stock and be available again, so they can continue with the bagging task. The more buckets are available, the more water can be carried by dwarfs at the same time.

Crafting recipe[ | ]

Crafting station
Workbench Workbench
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Planks Planks 3
Nails Nails 1
Crafting grid
Planks Nails
Planks Planks
Bucket Bucket 3

Bug: disappearing buckets[ | ]

There is a bug that makes buckets vanish from the world and from the inventory forever.

If dwarfs are carrying water to the stockpile (actually using a bucket, which means less one bucket on stock), and the player issues an attack command, dwarfs will drop the bags of water on the ground, but the game will fail to reinstate the bucket being used, and it is lost forever. Dwarfs will have to craft new buckets.

To avoid this bug, dwarfs should only gather water on tranquil areas. And most important, the player should never order an attack while dwarfs are carrying water to the stock.

This is not gamebreaking, but it is consistently reproducible, it has been around at least since 2014, [1] and is present in version 1.9.006 (January 2022).

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
0.9.016 24 Feb 2014 Fixed bug with water gathered from deep ponds.
0.9.015 29 Jan 2014 Fixed bug with the unlimited water gathering.

See also[ | ]

References[ | ]

  1. dissapearing buckets. Steam. 27 May 2014.